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OPTA President Kirt Conrad featured in hydrogen fuel cell video, Canton's SARTA is leader in ado

SARTA CEO/OPTA President Kirt Conrad plays a feature role in this new video that discusses the essential role hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses will play in public transit as our nation and the world embraces high-efficiency zero emission fuel sources in the years ahead.

SARTA is on track to deploy the largest fleet of fuel cell-powered buses outside California. Two of the vehicles will begin regular service on Stark County's highways and byways this week. Nine more will follow by early next year. According to Mr. Conrad, the tag line: "The energy of tomorrow powering SARTA today," succinctly conveys the goals established for the fuel cell program.

“Along with enabling us to cut our fuel costs by as much as fifty percent in the years ahead and maintain our position as trailblazers in the use of green technology to fuel public transit, this project will drive investment, research, business development and job creation in Stark County and across our state,” he said. “Honda, Worthington Industries, LG Fuel Cell Systems, Swagelok and other Ohio companies as well as universities including Ohio State, Stark State and Cleveland State University, are heavily involved and invested in fuel cell and hydrogen-related manufacturing and R & D projects,”

Mr. Conrad said. SARTA wants to be at the forefront of commercializing this technology because transit systems, businesses and private citizens will begin to utilize fuel cell-powered vehicles featuring components and technology developed and manufactured in Stark County and other parts of the state. Once hydrogen is better understood people will see that it is a practical, safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels,” Mr. Conrad said. “Our partnership with Ohio State, as well as the support we’ve received from federal and state officials, will ensure that our state is the focal point of what will undoubtedly be a growing and dynamic industry.”

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