Save Ohio Public Transit



Transit is essential in connecting both urban and rural communities to economic prosperity,

educational opportunities and vital resources.


Thank you to all for your outreach and steadfast support during this entire process.

Without your efforts, we would not have been successful in protecting public transit funding for Ohio.

We encourage you to reach out, once again, to your Ohio House and Senate Members, thanking them for their support.

Together, we MADE a difference!

Advocacy Goals – Ohio Public Transit Association

Ensure that public transit receives federal, state, and local funding that will enable us to meet the needs of Ohioans today, tomorrow and well into the future;

Drive economic growth and job creation by making Ohio a leader in the research, development, and deployment of alternative fuels, green energy, and state-of-the-art transit technology;

Encourage cooperation and coordination among transit agencies, government entities, and the private sector;

Increase awareness of and support for transit among elected officials, community and civic leaders, the media, and the general public;

Foster continuous improvement in mobility services by providing a forum for members and other key stakeholders to interact, exchange information and ideas, evaluate new programs and concepts, and adopt proven best practices;

Improve the quality of life in our state by helping our member agencies provide the reliable, affordable, safe, and convenient public transportation services Ohioans want, need and deserve.

Ohio’s Distracted Driving Reform

OPTA Government Relations Announcements

OPTA Legislative Status Weekly Report

APTA Legislative Alerts

State Funding

A change in state tax law will erase millions of dollars in funding for transit and could result in service cuts, fare increases, and other negative impacts. OPTA is working hard to find a solution. Click here for the latest news about this critical issue and to join in our effort to solve this fiscal dilemma.

Jobs & the Economy

Every dollar invested in public transit generates four dollars in activity in the general economy. That means the $900,000,000 spent on transit in Ohio generates $3.6 billion in sales of goods and services ranging from steel to tires to software--and it could be billions more if we fully fund our transit agencies.

Federal Funding

The Trump Administration's recently released budget blueprint calls for drastic cuts in transit funding. Learn more, then contact your legislator and urge them to invest in America's future by supporting public transportation. 

The Future of Transit in Ohio
and Across the U.S.

Experts agree: the demand for transit will explode in the years ahead. Are we prepared to make the investments needed to keep up and keep our state and nation growing? View blueprints for the future then make your voice heard in Columbus and Washington.

Transit Keeps Ohio on the Move

Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans utilize public transit every day, including veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, commuters and students. Check out the many ways transit improves the quality of life in our biggest cities, small towns, and rural communities.

Alternative Fuels
and Green Energy

Transit's commitment to the use of alternative fuels and green energy is driving research and development, business growth, and job creation in a wide array of industries that will power the economy in the 21st Century.  

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