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Ohio Loves Transit


During the week of February 14, 2018, OPTA will be promoting a statewide initiative to celebrate Transit in Ohio. During this day,transits will be promoting the need for public transit in their communities.  The purpose of this day is to celebrate transit and how it is helping move Ohio forward.  We encourage everyone to take a ride!


Ohio’s public transportation systems are striving to meet the needs of Ohio’s growing senior population.  Transits specialized services and senior-friendly vehicles make it easy for older Ohioans to maintain an independent lifestyle. 


Ohio’s transit systems provide a vital link to thousands of people with disabilities and their family members.  Urban and rural systems help ensure that persons with disabilities can remain actively involved in their communities by providing rides to work, job training programs, medical appointments and adult day care facilities.


Transit works for employee and employers by providing safe reliable, affordable transportation to job sites to ensure that thousands of individuals have access to work; Transit drives Ohio’s economy by making it easy for consumers to visit malls, plazas, and other shopping venues; Services to Ohio’s airports makes traveling easier and less expensive for Ohioans whether they’re flying for business or pleasure; Libraries or parks, hike and bike trails, bowling alleys, and countless other leisure time destinations line transit routes across the state.  Ohio’s transit systems can get you there 




Here is a link to Dropbox that includes all the Ohio Loves Transit Week information.  Please feel free to use!

Also, here is a Google Doc with OPTA member's social media tags - in case you want to tag anyone in this statewide effort.