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Ohio Public Transit Association and Public Transit Membership

OPTA’s Public Transit members are engaged in every aspect of the industry – from planning, design, funding and finance, constructing and operating transit systems.   Their commitment and work insures that Ohio’s public transit systems continue to provide safe, reliable and essential services to individuals and communities.

  • Ohioans are served by 70+ public transit systems and mobility management providers located in the state's urban and rural communities.

  • Ohio transit systems provide 115 million rides per year, including 15.9 million that meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities.

  • Ohio's transit systems spend $900 million per year generating $3.6 billion in economic activity.

  • Ohio's 60,000 transit workers help create and support 180,000 private and public sector jobs.

OPTA is the primary advocate for public transportation in Ohio.  The Association provides leadership, resources, training, support, technical assistance, media outreach, public engagement, and governmental relations services to transit agencies and businesses across the state.

For more information, contact:


Matt Carle, Executive Director, OPTA | 614.306.5353


Elle Decot

937-537-0625  |

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