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Ohio public transit agencies will lose millions each year due to change in state tax law, OPTA worki

Unless state officials work with us to find a way to replace the revenue we’re about to lose, systems will be forced to slam the breaks on new programs, cut existing services, and raise fares. I don’t believe anyone wants to see those things happen, so we’re hopeful we’ll be able to identify a new source of funding for public transit. –OPTA President, Kirt Conrad

Ohio's public transit systems are facing severe funding cuts due to decisions made by the state and federal governments. In Ohio, the loss of local sales tax revenue generated from health care services provided by Medicaid Managed Care Organizations will erase more than $200 million in funding for transit annually beginning in 2019.

OPTA is asking Governor Kasich and the members of the General Assembly to work with us to find a way to replace the millions in MCO sales tax dollars transit will lose beginning in 2019 and to provide affected systems with additional "bridge" funding that will enable them to avoid service cuts and fare increases while a solution is developed and implemented.

You can help us deliver the message by signing our online petition or by contacting the governor and your state legislators directly via phone or email. To look up and contact your legislator click here. To contact Governor Kasich click here.


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