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February 22, 2021

State Budget FY 2022 & 2023 Public Transit – OPTA Overview

February 19, 2021

Save Ohio’s Public Transit CALL TO ACTION 

February 19, 2021

ODOT Mobility Manager Meeting Recording

February 18, 2021

Butler County RTA Eliminates Fares for All Fixed Routes and Paratransit Services

February 16, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Transportation Support 

February 16, 2021

APTA and FTA Funding Announcements and Opportunities

February 13, 2021

Portage Area RTA Receives Transportation Grant and Continues to Advocate for Transit Funding

February 8, 2021

Greater Dayton Kicks Off Ohio Loves Transit Week 2021 

February 5, 2021

Greene CATS Public Transit Celebrates Ohio Loves Transit 2021    

February 4, 2021

METRO Celebrates Ohio Loves Transit 2021 

February 4, 2021

Join TARTA in Celebration of Ohio Loves Transit

February 4, 2021

Masks REQUIRED for Transit – A Message from ODOT

February 3, 2021

CALL TO ACTION! Urge Congress to Provide Emergency Funding for Transit

February 3, 2021

Masks REQUIRED – FTA Info Call Scheduled for February 9

November 16, 2020

CDC COVID-19 Mask Guidelines – Public Transit

February 2, 2021

Governor Unveils State of Ohio Budget 2021

September 2, 2020

APTA CEO Letter to APTA Members

September 11, 2020

India Birdsong, Keynote Presenter, Women’s Leadership Series

September 14, 2020

Greater Cleveland RTA Mask Kit Distribution Announced

October 19, 2020 

New York Public Transit in the Era of COVID-19

Virtual Conference and Expo - FREE to ATTEND

October 22, 2020 

Clean Fuels Ohio 2020 Appalachian Clean Transportation Forum


October 29, 2020 

TARTA and Amazon Transit Service Announced

October 29, 2020 

More Locations Announced to Fill COTA Fare Cards

October 28, 2020 

COTA Earns APTA Award

October 29, 2020 

Greater Cleveland RTA Receives $75,000 Gift 

August 13, 2020

Career Opportunity Knox County Transit

August 13, 2020

Laketran Adds Service to Maintain COVID Protocol

Laketran passengers follow rear boarding
A mid-day boarding on Route 1 at Downtow

August 13, 2020

OPTA Announces ODOT Grant Awards 2021 

August 14, 2020

TARTA Announces School Transit Service

August 19, 2020

OPTA Announces FTA Grant Awards

August 27, 2020

ODOT Awards $2.2 million to TARTA

August 31, 2020

COTA Receives National Transportation Award

September 2, 2020

Laketran New Transit Route Announced

March 16, 2020

Ohio Public Transit Systems Take Steps to Serve Local Communities and Respond to Coronavirus

June 29, 2020

Western Reserve Transit Authority Transit System of the Year

June 30, 2020


Brook Hancock Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission

Mobility Manager Position Available


View Scope of Work, Qualifications and How to Apply

July 2, 2020


OPTA Issues COVID-19 Guidance

July 8, 2020

Ohio COVID-19 Risk Level Guidelines for the Public

March 9, 2020

OPTA – A Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

February 29, 2020  

Special OPTA News Update Ohio COVID-19

March 1, 2020

OPTA Conference Features

February 28, 2020 

OPTA February 2020 News

February 26, 2020 

OPTA Conference Panels Announced

February 21, 2020 

OPTA Conference NIT

February 20, 2020

OPTA February 2020 Board Meeting showcased two businesses who have both expertise and passion for the transit industry. Below you will find links.

Ralph Metcalf, Transit Sales Executive, ALTRO USA, presented to the full board what is new in Transport Flooring for bus and rail. 

ALTRO USA  |  Presentation

Dani Isaacsohn, Founder and CEO, Cohear, a community engagement and strategy company, presented a case study on the SORTA BUS RIDER ADVISORY COUNCIL

COHEAR  |  Presentation

Nov. 20, 2019

Transit Association Awards

State Representative David Leland as Legislator of the Year

Oct. 29, 2019

Ohio Public Transit Association Names COTA Vice President as New Executive Director