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Time to say thanks to Ohio House members for overriding veto of MCO sales tax fix and turn our atten

Yesterday, members of the Ohio House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to override Governor Kasich's line-item veto of the OPTA-backed budget amendment designed to replace the millions of sales tax dollars Ohio's transit agencies and counties will lose when Medicaid services provided by managed care organizations will no longer be subject to state and local sales taxes. The 87 to 10 vote clearly shows that members of the House understand and appreciate the vital role public transit plays in the lives of the people they represent. Yesterday's vote was, however, one step in a long journey to replacing the dollars we'll lose when the MCO tax disappears. The next step: convincing the membe

Governor Kasich has vetoed the MCO sales tax fix, we need to shift into overdrive and encourage over

As we reported last week, the Ohio General Assembly added language to the state's biennial budget bill that will help restore the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue transit agencies and counties will lose as a result of the MCO sales tax repeal. The amendment directs the Kasich administration to ask the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to reset the new managed care franchise fee the agency approved earlier. If CMS okays the change the fee will generate an additional $207 million in revenue per year between now and July 1, 2024. The amendment directs the administration to distribute the proceeds to the state's counties and transit agencies Unfortunately, Governor Kasich ve

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