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Public transit funding crucial in strengthening Ohio, report says

An Ohio think tank is calling for more funding for public transit as the state government works through the 2018-2019 budget process. Policy Matters Ohio in a new report identifies public transit as a key area on which the state should focus in order to create a healthier Ohio. The report advocates for: The creation of a $75 million transportation innovation fund to address unmet transit needs, and The state to find a funding solution for counties and transit agencies that no longer will receive revenue from the sales tax on Medicaid Managed Care Organization. "Investments like these are about Ohio's future," Wendy Patton, author of the report and a Policy Matters senior project director, sa

ODOT looking to send 33 percent more money to public transit

" I'm glad that the ODOT director is taking the needs for public transit to heart and is taking leadership on this issue," said Kirt Conrad, president of the Ohio Public Transit Association. "For him to have requested that increase at a time when the governor has instructed everyone to decrease their budgets by 10 percent shows that transit is a priority for him." Public transit in Ohio could be getting a small windfall if plans at the Ohio Department of Transportation come to fruition. ODOT Director Jerry Wray requested a 33 percent increase in funding for public transit in each year of the new biennium budget. If approved, that would send $10 million more each year to the state's transit a

Editorial: Transit agencies face uncertain funding scenario

​Public transportation is a critical component of the economy and it already is underfunded in Ohio, as an Ohio Department of Transportation study found a few years ago. State lawmakers would be wise to consider a permanent funding solution for transit agencies and counties alike. >>READ MORE

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